There is great value in understanding the foods you’re fond of and why they make you feel good. It’s simple details such as these that brings the food we eat closer to an understanding of our health and vitality. The time it takes to wash, nurture, and cook real foods also brings a sense of simple achievement to our daily lives. This ties in with our philosophy for eating and the food we serve.

Bringing together a group of foods to accentuate taste, delight, aroma and nourishment is the complex simplicity of Chinese cuisine. A good chef knows how much cinnamon, Sichuan pepper or fennel to use in a Pot-au-feu, and it takes years of understanding the elements of taste to harmonise a dish. Deciphering the right cooking method is also of key note: shallow frying versus stir fry, simmering versus steaming to attain the right texture and colour.

At Naturally Chinese, we use a potato starch (gluten free) which brings a new twist onto a typical tempura or deep fried style dish. Red chilli peppers, roasted garlic and green onion make the perfect complement taste and sight wise.It creates a fluffy, soft crunch and a delectable aroma perfect as an appetiser to share, or even a starter for one.

Try some of our many clean tasting dishes this season. Remember to pair it with our sides of greens. Makes for a burst of natural colour and great taste of home cooking. Call us at 020 8399 5533 0r email us at to book our table.