Chinese cuisine offers a range of foods, not only the usually meat dishes like pork, beef and chicken, or seafood and fish, but even vegetarian. From zingy ginger, crunchy turnip to peppery mustard greens, the aim is to deliver the crisp flavour of these vegetables in the dishes we serve. Much of our focus at Naturally Chinese has been on sourcing ingredients as fresh as possible. I wanted to highlight some vegetarian options that we serve which are not only delicious but are especially designed to cater to a style of healthy eating and detoxification.

As a child, I recall waking up to the smell of a green vegetable as it would fill the river beds with its luscious growth. It would be cut fresh to be cooked during the day and served at meal times. The taste of Morning Glory is delicate with a hint of green bitterness. It however is to be prepared in a special way to enhance the flavour and bring out its freshness. Care needs to be taken not to over-power with too strong flavours.

Mistaken for a flower, this dark green vegetable side dish on our menu is a relative of the spinach family. Morning glory is rich in nutrients, it grows in abundance by rivers in most Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more. Its most unique quality is its tubular structure, is crunchy to eat and retains its colour and texture even when cooked.

At Naturally Chinese, we don’t cook it in a soy sauce but in a handmade garlic and shrimp sauce. A spell of red chilli makes a perfect embellishment to the dish. Hope you enjoy it!

Happy National Vegetarian Day! We celebrate today the wide spectrum of vegetarian choices and dishes that have been developed and continue to develop going forward.