An exciting proposition in the third week of May (15th- 21st), is the focus on tantalising options for vegetarian cooking and dishes. The Vegetarian Society of the UK promotes this week as one to celebrate vegetarianism. On a more pertinent point, the goal is to go meatless.  Of course, it is a choice that is not always easy or accessible for everyone to make. However, for the National Vegetarian Week, we take small steps to embrace the wider choices of vegetarian dishes.

The use of fresh vegetables and their cooking processes are important to us, in order to provide you with their maximum benefits. Here at Naturally Chinese, in the recent past, we have spent time devising dishes with the vegetarian aspect in mind. As a choice for our vegetarian customers, we want to provide delicious, healthy and sustainable options.

Here are some of our excellent top promoted vegetarian and vegan dishes:

  1. Vegan Bao – This is a simple energetic Bao filled with glass noodles, carrot, black mushrooms, sweet cabbage, kale and sweetcorn. Purely vegan.
  2. Vegetable Power Dumplings – These are superbly delicious and healthy. The pastry is infused with natural beetroot. It is filled with peanuts, carrots, chilli, celery and black mushroom.
  3. Salt and Chilli Tofu – A favourite with our local patrons, this dish packs a punch of peppercorn, garlic, sea salt and fresh chilli.
  4. Vegetable Spring Rolls –  Chinese black fungus, carrots, sweet cabbage and celery come together in a crispy pastry roll. It is served with a sweet and sour sauce.

Have a taste of some of our vegetarian choices, and enjoy the nuanced flavours within them. Book your table with us at or call us at 020 8399 5533