The foods we eat play an important role in maintaining our energy levels. A detox of some kind while at the same time keeping the essential nutrition makes a good start. I always like to begin my detox menu with a pot of jasmine tea. Sipping on this fragrant concoction awakens the senses and builds an appetite for a wholesome meal.

Hints of Spring are in the air, and although the cold chill is still hanging around, we have much to look forward to with a new season and new opportunities. If you feel it is time to clear out the old and make room for the new, there couldn’t be a better time. A big part of a Spring detox is making sure to enjoy the process, no matter how involved or simple it may be.

One of our favourite vegetarian options on the menu is our mixed vegetable. Doused in a light oil, this medley of pak choi, beansprouts, water chestnuts and carrots make a delicious accompaniment to any meal, lunch or dinner. This is our equivalent of a cole slaw or a potato salad on the side. Also filled with nutrients, it adds to a balance in the meal on the whole.