To enjoy a small bowl of rice, some kind of meat and vegetables is a luxury in itself. Bringing together a group of foods to accentuate taste, delight, aroma and nourishment is the complex simplicity of Chinese cuisine. A good chef knows how much cinnamon, sichuan pepper or fennel to use in a pot au feu, and it takes years of understanding the elements of taste to harmonise a dish. Deciphering the right cooking method is also of key note: shallow frying versus stir fry, simmering versus steaming to attain the right texture and colour.

The idea of wholesome eating isn’t a new concept. Many think it means eating whole foods, for instance, eating a whole fruit or vegetable. But I would go a step further to say that in addition to whole foods, wholesome eating is making sure one incorporates all food groups in the diet and in reasonable portions.

In our hectic daily schedules, eating habits can get out of sync with what our bodies need. The important thing to remember is that our eating needs are paramount. This is all closely linked to our health and taking a little time out of our day to really focus on our eating will do wonders for us in the long run.