These dark days of winter leave no excuse to have an abundant table of good food, warmth and great company. We welcome the Year of The Rabbit this 2023, and no matter how big or small your party may be, our menu has various choices for you and your guests.

In celebration of Chinese new year,  Naturally Chinese prepares its auspicious Peking Duck for the occasion, where our chefs get to present to you their culinary skills to the finest level. There’s no fussing, just elegant and delicious. The art to eating this beautiful dish is in the sharing and designing your own unique bite.  And a pairing of a fine red wine will elevate this dish to its fullest flavour in addition to the ceremonial aspect of carving the crispy outer layer of the roasted duck.

Also, our pastry chef creates fine rice pastry beauties like our crystal prawn dumplings, prawn and chive, vegetable dumplings as well as a range of crispy delights to woo our Coeliac guests. Also, for Chinese New Year, we have on offer New Year delicacies you won’t want to miss –Chinese new year pudding, and Turnip cakes.

We encourage early bookings for Chinese New year. We also ask you to bear with us Sunday lunch time as we will be doing our best to serve you on one of the busiest celebration days of the year. Please also call us in advance to reserve your order for Peking Duck.

Book your table with us at or call us at 020 8399 5533