As we put 2022 to rest, the new year comes with the chance for renewal and a new chapter. Keeping in mind the good and the other that we’ve had in the year serves as a reminder helping us to better our year ahead. I’ve always found this month before the new year to be one of the most creative and even spontaneous. And whatever the project I undertake, I make sure there’s always good food and wine to celebrate the old and the new!

Looking positively through 2022, our journey has been supported hugely through our esteemed loyal customers who have gotten us through some tough turns. We would like to thank our patrons and especially to those who have been with us at the start of our journey since 2012. These past ten years have been a joyous roller coaster, and we couldn’t have made it without your loyalty.

We also enter the year of the Rabbit in Chinese New Year. And before long, we will be celebrating Chinese new Year on January 22nd. We welcome you to join in the celebration. But in the mean time, we wish you a happy New Year 2023 with much joy, peace and prosperity to you.

We will be open New Years’ Eve and New Year’s Day. book your table with us at or call us at 020 8399 5533. Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating the New Year with you!