Since the pandemic, we at Naturally Chinese have been working to create dishes that bring health and well being to our customers. As an option you can now have a healthy array of foods that you might not get elsewhere.

We designed an approach to serving dishes with ingredients that support the immune system, and hopefully keep infections away and overcome viruses. With the flu season coming in, we bring to you a power dumpling that you can enjoy anytime –these have ingredients such as Chinese black fungus, sweet cabbage, celery, carrots and cashew nuts. The dumpling pastry contains natural beetroot which gives it its colour and of course, makes it a healthier choice.

Keep your health a main priority this season. It’s a choice that is available to you and we hope that you will find our food selections to your liking but also with a sense of goodness and well being. Book a table with us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at You can also book a takeaway from our online menu here.