Demand for good high quality food, we believe, is going to become more and more relevant to the discussion on sustainability of food. With the growth of diets depending on their protein source coming from chickens or other meats, it is important to care about the process of growing these protein sources and making sure that we are putting quality foods into our daily diets.

As a customer, it is beneficial to know that asking for organic chicken creates an awareness of good food, sustainable food and its importance in the long run. In this day and age, we can’t always know where our food comes from and though it can be frustrating, there is an opportunity to get more involved in insisting on quality food.

Our mission stands to serve quality to you. We want our food to be delicious and safe at the same time. For us it is not a case of serving bulk, but a respect for your needs and to illuminate on the dishes we serve. We want our cuisine to transcend with being safe for people of all allergies to be able to enjoy, at the same time using sustainable and quality ingredients to tell the story of our dishes.