On those days when you just want something hot peppery and delicious, this is our signature King prawn Szechuan style, and it is what hits the spot. A melange of Szechuan peppers, hot chillies and spring onions in a succulent sauce brings vigour and enhances mood.

Sichuan pepper is also known as Chinese coriander. It is grown abundantly in the Sichuan region of China. The hull of the seed is often used for medicinal purposes. It also contains light notes of citrus which adds to its robust flavour. Around the world, this dish is well known and in a way can bring people together, and has often made for an even serious topic of debate to the extent of its spiciness and kick.

Many may find this a little spicy to their palette but it makes for an exciting dish to order and try at least once. Our chefs make it in a way that is unique to Naturally Chinese’s ethos of natural flavour and clean taste. The aroma is testament to how potent these Szechuan peppers really are –the flower pepper that is relished in the region it is grown. Interestingly, this dish although sea food, is paired well with our house red wine or Rioja.