One of our top vegetable recommendations to customers: pak choi. Not only is it delicious but works as an elegant and wholesome complement to any of our dishes on the menu. And it is filled with nutritional value being high in Vitamin A and C. The dish served at the restaurant works well with a  simple garlic sauce although we can tailor it to suit your preferences.

Pak Choi is one of those vegetables that can be cooked easily at home. Here are a few tips on picking a bouquet of good pak choi and cooking it.

Always make sure the leaves are a bright deep green and fresh looking. The stalks should be firm and white. One of the better ways to serve pak choi is steamed hot with a dribble of sauce. They only need to sit steaming in the basket for a few minutes. The leaves will cook faster than the stalks so make sure the stalk sits closer to the heat and watch the leaves so they don’t wilt too much.

If you are stir frying, make sure the wok is very hot with a little oil before you toss the pak choi in. Add garlic to the pan and toss around the vegetable to season. This should cook and be ready in 3-5 minutes.

The pak choi you see in this picture are baby pak choi which are very desirable and come packed with that deep mustard like flavour.