No matter how big or small your party may be, our menu has various choices for you and your guests. These dark days of winter leave no excuse to have an abundant table of good food, warmth and great company. And if you and your party are meat lovers, we can design a roast of delectable meats to savour the celebration. Not forgetting fine wines to pair with the feast.

The art of eating well lies in sharing and sampling those delectable delights. It will always taste better when shared and depending on the occasion, Prosecco or wine can make an interesting combination with it. Our chefs have also devised an experience of dim sum that is gluten free. Our pastry chef creates fine rice pastry beauties like our crystal prawn dumplings, prawn and chive, vegetable dumplings as well as a range of crispy delights to woo our Coeliac guests. Also, for Chinese New Year, we have on offer New Year delicacies you won’t want to miss –Chinese new year pudding, and Turnip cakes with dried scallops.

And last but not least is the delectable roasted duck which is hand dried and adorned in a citrus glaze giving it a fine coat of regality –the food of the Gods one might say! If you like the fillet of barbecued pork or Char Siu pork, it will add sweetness to your platter with its intense colour and honey marinade.  So set your table and have a little fun Chinese New Year style.

Chinese New Year Celebrations will be held from 28th to 30th January at Naturally Chinese Restaurant! Please reserve your tables early to avoid disappointment.  PLEASE PRE-ORDER DUCK BY WEDNESDAY 26TH OF JAN. Email us at or call us at 020 8399 5533

***Please note that takeaway and pick ups should be ordered 24 hours in advance.