In celebration of Chinese new year 2022,  Naturally Chinese prepares for a celebration the weekend of  28th to the 30th January. Treat yourself to authentic luxury of fine Chinese cuisine as we celebrate the prelude to the Year of the Tiger.
This year being a year of optimism and bravery, we celebrate qualities of confidence, positivity and enthusiasm. We all have been through some trying times the past two years, and if we are to accept that uncertainties may be here to stay, then why not counter balance this with an air of positivity, open-ness and bravery. Let us all have a bit of that Tiger spirit!
And for some classic preparation for Chinese New Year, the long tradition of out with the old, and in with the new definitely counts.
No matter what life’s obstacles, this time is special and a chance to start fresh on a clean slate. When I was a child, I recall that everyone would be given new clothes, the house would be spruced up and kept bright and shiny, adorned with colours of red and gold signifying good health, happiness and good luck. Any conflicts with relatives or friends would be put away so as to partake in a common new year of sharing.
So make your Chinese New Year festive and special this year. Book your celebration table the weekend of 28th – 30th of January with us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at 
We strongly advise advanced bookings for tables. Special orders for Duck should be placed at least three days in advance.
***Please note that takeaway and pick ups should be ordered 24 hours in advance.