Christmas trees decorated. Lights lining the window panes looking as Christmasy as they can. And what’s left now is all the planning, list making, shopping and also what we tend to leave out last — the relaxing for the holidays.

Christmas being essentially the season for family and friends to make time to gather and re-connect is a special one, calling for special things in our life, special food that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. What would you like you Christmas table to look like? And who would you like to see around that table? If you can’t see everyone you’d like to on Christmas day, set a date to meet with those on another day, enjoying a different kind of meal.

We will draw to a close from the 20th of December, re-opening on the 30th of December. Make the season count to reconnect with old friends, those you may not have seen for a while. Let us take care of the Christmas table and set the mood for a happy celebration. To reserve a table call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at

Happy dining!