In China, various concoctions of seafood are common in the coastal but mostly stem for the north east coastal region. This is the Shandong region, and unlike the southern areas where Hong Kong master chefs specialise in dim sum and the use of spices and flash frying, the northern way of cooking emphasis on accentuating the main flavour of the seafood.

Here are some of our delectable seafood treats you won’t want to miss:

Crab and Pumpkin Dumplings

This was crafted by our pastry chef David Chang whose passion for aroma and flavours brought out this sensation of crab meat, minced prawns, pumpkin and chilli. It is served with a gluten free soya sauce.

Prawn & Chive Dumplings

Made from a delicate pastry with Spirulina powder, this healthy gluten free delight contains minced prawns and fresh chives. And is served with GF soya sauce

Deep-fried Squid Fillets

These have been seasoned with sea salt, fresh chilli, spring onions and peppercorn. The light fluffy batter will leave you wanting more!

King prawns in sweet and sour sauce 

Prepared in a light batter, with mixed pepper, onion and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce. Also comes in a Spicy Szechuan sauce.

Stir fried Scallops

(This is a very popular dish and is an elegant selection for most occasions) Stir fried scallops at Naturally Chinese come with young asparagus spears, carrots, cashew nuts and garlic. A Sumptuous pairing with a light Pinot Grigio wine to intensify the flavours.

A Chinese menu isn’t complete without an array of seafood dishes. At Naturally Chinese, we use a range of techniques still paying homage to the traditional ways of cooking seafood in Chinese cuisine.