What makes this dish exquisite is the quality of the tofu. Being one of our top dishes, it has garnered attention from enthusiasts.  Silken tofu might be a delicate food to touch but it is one of great resilience and strength. Most tofu appears silky smooth but the difference with Japanese silken tofu or Hiyayakko is that it is softer, milkier with a mild flavour. The process of creating this beautiful food requires tremendous patience and skill. In some of the villages up near the Japanese mountainous landscapes live some very hard working people who spend most of their day fermenting, cooking, churning and creating this nutritious and delicious food.

As the name suggests, it is even more silky than other soy bean curd. Its firm custardy texture is a delight to feast on whether served cold or fried.

Japanese silken tofu requires an acquired taste. It is delicate to work with which is why it is not always easy to come by. Here at Naturally Chinese, we coat it in a mild sauce, and fold it into a mix of enoki mushrooms, vegetables, scallops, king prawns and squid – it makes a wholesome meal enough for two to enjoy. For one, if you have a good appetite.

I often opt for the silken tofu clay pot myself when I want something light and rejuvenating.