Introducing Naturally Chinese’s house special fried rice! … What a sight to behold in this almost architectural sculpture of food. This is a new dish concocted by our talented chef who combines great taste and arrangement in a symphony of culinary delight.

You might wonder, well, where is the rice? The element of surprise is revealed when the softly embedded casing of egg white, like a humble gift wrapped around the rice is cut open; and thereby releasing the most delicious aroma of freshly cooked special fried rice. The dish consists of king prawns, scallops, sweet corn, french beans, and organic eggs cooked into the rice.

And to make this dish luxurious, a drizzle of garlic and butter sauce; and a rose shrimp on the top. It’s pure magic. Do try this fun and beautiful dish the next time you dine in. You will be in for a real treat. This is a July special, and gluten free options are also available.

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