It’s formed a big part of our colour palette since we started the restaurant: the verdant greens that create the environment of Naturally Chinese restaurant make for the naturally green effect that we strive to achieve. In a similar vein, the dishes we’ve put together on the menu hold a bit of green whether in the whole dish, or just as a tantaliser to excite the palette.

Each green has its own unique flavour and texture. Once you become familiar with them, you begin to fine tune your palette to knowing which vegetable pairs better with a certain dish. For instance, Pak Choi (a chinese cabbage) which is a favourite amongst many can be used effectively in stir fries, soups or even in stock pots. This elegant leafy green is one to mix well in fusion cuisine which is why it is becoming so popular.

As part of the restaurant’s ethos of maintaining a connection with nature and incorporating a sense of earthiness, green plays an important part of our brand. It’s made more sense as we’ve come a long way since our commencement; striving to offer freshness and clean taste through our cuisine and how we serve it to you. Why is a colour so important? It speaks of something one cannot always articulate, but feel.