The art to enjoying dim sum lies in spacing those delicate bites in between a heart warming beverage together with what your eyes take in from the delectable pastries set before you. It seems to enhance the flavours even more and bring a kind of lightness and joy to the aesthetic.

The tradition began in China when travellers on the Silk Road stopped for rest at little tea houses for yum cha. As people started to realise that tea was a good digestive with food, the tea house owners started serving little bite sized snacks to their guests. From there grew this popular culinary art that has become synonymous with Chinese cuisine around the world.

The artist who puts his heart behind the dim sum at Naturally Chinese – chef David Chang, has spent a good couple of decades perfecting the skill of creating dim sum that is nothing less than which brings comfort, healing and happiness to the heart.

We have a range of delectable dim sum to choose from. Apart from our freshly made dim sum, we also offer a frozen pack that should you wish to prepare in the comfort of your own home on any given day, is an easy task to undertake. Contact us for more details on frozen dim sum at