This year we celebrate the year of the Ox! A strength to surpass our feats is the expectation for this year. And indeed a celebration to commence sets the tone. We offer you a feast you might consider featuring our delicate rotisserie meats which include roasted duck, crispy skin pork belly and barbecued fillet of pork. The Chinese five spices are often used as a spice rub on our rotisserie meats to give them the distinct flavour and tenderness . Our chefs marinade these for long periods of time where the flavour is absorbed. These platters make for a perfect sharing and celebratory dish!

Take note of the crispy pork belly which is like a fine delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Cooked to perfection with succulent juices and crackling rind around, this dish has to be one of our favourites. The fat is just as important as the tenderness of the meat and the crispiness of the rind. To pair this dish with wine, try our house red or a Rioja. A complement of a french beans make a light balance to this wholesome meal.

And last but not least is the delectable roasted duck which is hand dried and adorned in a citrus glaze giving it a fine coat of regality –the food of the Gods one might say! If you like the fillet of barbecued pork or Char Siu pork, it will add sweetness to your platter with its intense colour and honey marinade.  So set your table and have a little fun Chinese New Year style.

Enjoy a rotisserie dinner this Chinese New Year! PLEASE PRE-ORDER BY WEDNESDAY 10TH OF FEB. Email us at