Soups and hot broths are back in season. We pride ourselves on these delicious concoctions made of ginger, greens, berries and more. What they offer is a well balanced meal bringing you protein, fibres and fats all in one. And of course, a little carbohydrate to energize you if you are feeling the winter blues.

For those days when the air is chillier, a soup or broth will keep your heart warm. With a few windy days coming our way leading us into a change of season, there’s always some kind of adjustment to be made. Whether it is eating well to stay hydrated and nourished, or warding off any unwanted colds, it calls for a little winter comfort.

We have on offer the following:

-free range organic chicken and sweet corn soup

-crabmeat and sweet corn soup

-hot and sour soup

These soup/ broths are good enough for two but can be enjoyed by one with a big appetite. They are nutritious and fortifying especially in the colder months. And, as one of our favourite tips for the Winter season remains -the power of ginger. Keep a bit of ginger root in your kitchen to infuse with homemade broths and soup. This makes an excellent ingredient to ward off sniffles.