Paying attention to what is on our plates, where it comes from, how it has been cooked and of course, how it is served to us or how we serve it to ourselves? Find a way to slow down from the rat race of life and destress. Our bodies are strong and resilient, but can very easily be let down by environmental and other hazards. Making the effort to eat healthy, clean, and cooking with foods that boost our immunity, we can be one step ahead. We at Naturally Chinese continue to practice this and incorporate in our cooking ingredients that continue to bring you good health.

I also appreciate the needs from people with coeliac troubles, that they need to have the option for their well being and safe consumption of food and at the same time, having a delicious experience to feel happy and contented. After a long time of researching, and looking for ways to define what I can bring to the table, it has been rewarding to serve the gluten free group.

At the end of the day, all I have is a plan that I can work to see through — a plan of contributing to create balance, a healthy environment and non conflict. What is important in our daily lives is natural, untampered food. It affects our well being, our moods, our attitude to the world. Re-educating ourselves about food can make a huge difference in our lives. Let this year be one of taking care of ourselves and nurturing our spirits!