I have a particular fondness for Autumn and especially the advent of Winter. It puts me in the mood to take comfort in a heart warming claypot, accompanied with the perfectly paired glass of wine. We are about to step into the Winter season, so let’s make the best of it this year.

Of all our claypot dishes on our menu, this one warms my heart instantly with its strength of ginger, chillies and vigor of spring onions. Picking an aubergine to use in this dish is key to the freshness and enjoyment of the flavour and texture. This celebratory dish is perfect on those rainy days creeping in the last days of Autumn.

Braising in a hot clay pot retaining its moisture and warmth, this dish can be enjoyed with a steamy bowl of rice and a side of green vegetable. A full to medium bodied wine like our house or shiraz works very well with this hot pot.

And, as one of our favourite tips for the Winter season remains -the power of ginger. Keep a bit of ginger root in your kitchen to infuse with homemade broths and soup. This makes an excellent ingredient to ward off sniffles with the change of season.