The art of roasting duck has been in practice since Imperial times of the dynastic eras in China. Traditionally, the delectable Peking duck is served on most auspicious of occasions. The ceremonial aspect of slicing the crispy outer layer of the roast at the dinner table in front of guests is what makes a great presentation when ordering this dish.

Apart from the duck itself, the trimmings are just as important. Finely sliced or julienned vegetables like cucumber and radish are wrapped delicately into a homemade pancake, and a dip into the hoisin sauce makes a heavenly mouthful  -in olden times, it is said that these little morcels could inspire artists to a mindset of higher creativity.

Preparing Peking Duck requires time, patience and skill, all of which our chefs incorporate in their process. The best way to enjoy this special dish is to share and accompany with a full bodied wine.