At Naturally Chinese, we use a range of techniques still paying homage to the traditional ways of cooking seafood in Chinese cuisine. We have a mix of spice and steamed, subdued flavours to enhance the taste of the meat, for instance the sea bass and scallops. We also have a pan fried version.

A Chinese menu isn’t complete without an array of seafood dishes. In China, various concoctions of seafood are common in the coastal but mostly stem for the north east coastal region. This is the Shandong region, and unlike the southern areas where Hongkong master chefs specialise in dim sum and the use of spices and flash frying, the northern way of cooking emphasis on accentuating the main flavour of the seafood.

Here are some of our delectable seafood treats:

Steamed seabass fillet

Pan-fried seabass fillet

Steamed salmon fillet in black bean sauce

King prawns in ginger and spring onions

King prawns in sweet and sour sauce

King prawns with asparagus and cashew nuts 

King prawns with chilli, szechuan style

Scallops stir-fried and served with asparagus

Scallops tossed with prawns and broccoli (This is a very popular dish and is an elegant selection for most occasions)

The best way to enjoy good seafood is to order a combination of seafood dishes. Make it a seafood experience and make sure to pick a light Pinot Grigio or house white to really intensify the flavours of the seafood. With regard to the scallops you see in the photo above, our most popular dish is diced with garlic, ginger and a dash of rice wine enhance the flavours of those tempting bay scallops. The succulent juices are what give this dish its character. It’s a mix of scallops and shrimp, decked with spring onions, broccoli florets, carrot and Chinese mushroom. It’s a variation on what is the traditional Chinese Scallops and Broccoli.