If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s a dish that will not disappoint. At Naturally Chinese, we make ours in a yellow bean sauce. Although black bean is more popular in Sichuan and Cantonese cooking, to use the yellow bean brings out the umami of the mix of chicken and cashew nuts. Both ingredients fortified in proteins make this an excellent choice for a meal at anytime of the day.

Yellow bean has a sweeter taste to black bean. Black beans also have a stronger flavour which pairs very well with red meats and hearty vegetables. Yellow bean being milder in taste does not overpower the dish but complements the stronger flavours, even texture. Besides its more than enough protein you can ask for in one dish. If you pair it with a lighter green vegetable such as pak choy, you get an elegant classy Chinese dinner. A bowl of plain steamed rice completes the overall taste making it wholly satisfying.

Adding a light pinot grigio to this meal on a hot summer’s day would make it a grand treat. Orders available through our website menu at www.naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk