A warm greeting from us at Naturally Chinese to all our patrons and friends. We wanted to take the opportunity to get in touch with you and update you with our latest developments. It has been nearly a month since our restaurant closure in accordance with government advice and regulations. Though we were permitted to do takeaways, we had made the decision to close fully as it is almost next to impossible to keep a normal kitchen with a full menu running on half a dozen chefs and even more staff, due to inability to maintain the two-meter distancing policy between everybody.

Operating a full menu with nearly a hundred varieties of dishes seems a very daunting and unlikely task in the midst of a pandemic. It is for that reason that we chose to halt all operations until we were clear on how we could find a way to function in a safe and healthy manner.

In our hiatus we have been re-thinking and brainstorming what might fit a suitable and safe way of bringing back our services to you. In other words, how can we put together a takeaway system that will mean true safety for all of us?
What seemed unimaginable at one point is proving to look a reality —and this is through offering a very streamlined range of dishes that can be prepped and prepared by only four members of our family establishment who live in the same household. We take pride in putting together this plan of action, and with diligent overseeing of processes, we will be able to bring back to you the taste and aroma of Naturally Chinese cooking.

We plan to bring this to fruition beginning of May. Please bear with us as we are putting together health and safety enforcements that are needed to protect you as well as ourselves. We will be detailing all aspects of our safety policies, what you can expect from us as well as a revised menu, for your information and well being. We are confident that this will work and pose a solution in these crucial times.