As the status quo forces us to pay attention to how vulnerable we can be at anytime, we must all bear in mind that taking care of our health is of grave importance. When we think about food and consuming it, two factors come into play: what are the choices of food we have to eat, and secondly, how do we obtain them as quickly as possible. Many times the stress of life takes over our better judgement and we can forget to take time to evaluate what we put into our bodies.

There is a post that I had previously written about health and safety in this particular time. Following on from that, I want to add that we have to strive to do the best we can in prevention of illnesses. The best way to do that is to keep our bodies and our immunity in tip top shape. Here are a few tips on boosting our defense system and gearing it to fight any sickness.

  1. A key ingredient to providing a zing of strength and calm is Ginger. By far, it is probably the most rejuvenating. In fact, the more mature the ginger, the more it is packed with richer flavour and potency blending very well with any kind of seafood, meat and game.
  2. Turmeric, which is a kind of ginger root can work like magic if used correctly in the right combination and portion. It provides healing to the skin and body, clearing your mind to relaxation and boosting your energy levels.
  3. Consume a good boost of Vitamin C daily. These can be found in all your citrus fruits and peppers. 

Paying attention to what is on our plates, where it comes from, how it has been cooked and of course, how it is served to us or how we serve it to ourselves? Find a way to slow down from the rat race of life and destress. Our bodies are strong and resilient, but can very easily be let down by environmental and other hazards. Making the effort to eat healthy, clean, and cooking with foods that boost our immunity, we can be one step ahead. We at Naturally Chinese continue to practice this and incorporate in our cooking ingredients that continue to bring you good health

Let us toast to good health and a quest to make it of high importance!