The weekend brings us an extra day in this leap year. Perhaps an extra day to do taxes, or an extra day to take it easy! Either way, it’s comforting to see a few hints of Spring as the blossoms are beginning to show. A celebration such as Easter is one of a new chapter in the year. We’ve endured a long winter so now we can feel free to come out into the world, just like those spring blossoms. 

At Naturally Chinese, we’ve been moving in full swing with our feasts of Spring; a Detox menu and other celebration menus. Depending on what your needs and aims are for the season, we have it ready for you to avail of. A must try is our lunch platter designed to fortify with good amounts of protein, a nutritionally well balanced meal that will keep you going throughout the day. Take a look at our lunch platters here. And of course, we’ve been preparing our special Peking Duck especially for all Spring occasions. Succulent flavours delight the palette with this auspicious dish.

Remember that there is always room for creativity and change to suit each one’s own taste palette. A long walk in nature is highly recommended after a wholesome meal as this. Walking not only helps with digestion but also cleanses the mind and nourishes the spirit. All these help warm us up for a full Spring ahead.