In a market place today we don’t always know whether we are eating farmed or free range, organic or not. You can now relax with us in the knowledge that we are serving you the healthy options. We also believe that supporting local farmers who take great pains to produce these valuable goods and services will help them deliver better products. For if the demand for them increases, we all win. There is no price or cost one should put on health. The baby steps we take now to ensure we are putting the best food in our bodies will reap benefits in the long run, keeping us healthier and happier. 

We’re proud to serve free range organic chicken and eggs in our cuisine. Knowing where our chickens come from and how they are treated is a top priority and if you’re a fan of our chicken dishes, this one will prove immensely satisfying. Prepared with essentially Chinese herbs and wine, what makes it distinctive is the wine – fermented rice wine known as Xaoxing wine. It is sweet, almost like a sherry which gives a mild marinade to the chicken. 

Chinese claypots can make a heartwarming meal even in Winter. Pairing it with our house red wine can make an elegant meal on these cold windy days. Choose organic, free range and better chicken at Naturally Chinese when dining in next. For reservations, please call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at