Naturally Chinese follows a thorough practice of food safety and hygiene. We believe this to be of paramount importance to the well being of the restaurant and the community. As part of our policy for transparency and authenticity in our establishment, we would like to let you know of some of the practices we follow in pursuit of serving clean tasting food. 

Steps are taken to sanitize all entry and exit areas in the restaurant, as well as kitchen and staff areas. Staff are also highly trained in sanitizing their hands frequently and sanitizing dining areas. We want to let you know that we have installed an electronic sanitizer dispenser at the entrance for customers to sanitize their hands. This is highly encouraged.

We want to reassure our patrons that every effort is being made to adhere to various sensitive issues or concerns customers may have. In addition to these, we have made it of high priority to design the front door for wheel chair access, for parents with push chairs, disabled toilets, and baby changing facilities. We restrict the reuse of cleaning cloths for multiple tables. Linens and cleaning cloths are laundered at high temperatures to keep table hygiene and safety at top quality.  

As we ascribe to the practices of preparing gluten free food in our kitchen, we continue to keep cross contamination at bay, at all costs, whilst serving clean and healthy food. We serve organic eggs and chicken (certified organic by the soil association), as sourced by a local British farm with high safety and hygiene practices. It is our quest to make sure that we serve top quality cuisine and also give you an enjoyable, clean and safe dining experience every time.

Stay safe and happy healthy eating!