Make memories and enjoy your time together whether it be over some bubbly, great food and chocolate dessert. We have them all in store for you. This year Naturally Chinese will have a special chocolate surprise to delight you and yours. Valentine evokes a sense of romanticism in our minds, one that associates with flowers, Spring, sunlight or candlelight, wine and delicious sweet indulgences like chocolate. And our Valentine’s Day special this year will be delectable chocolate truffles. Pair this with champagne or a liqueur coffee to make a romantic finish to your meal. 

The month of the peach blossom as many know it in China, is when the sweet smelling blossom begins to bloom and falls delicately to the ground. This denotes the coming of Spring and the air filled with romance for new love to blossom. With their perfumed fragrance and relation to the rose, jasmine and elderflower groups, they are also used as edible decoration. Spring brides in China usually have a peach blossom in their bouquets to signify fertility, love, and good luck in marriage.

So cosy up Valentine’s weekend with your loved one over a delectable meal, fine wine and chocolate. We look forward to setting the scene for a happy Spring romance. Reserve your table by calling us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at