As the new year begins to gain momentum and move into the realm of resolutions and possibilities, it is also of huge benefit to keeping in mind the time for creativity and spontaneity. To commemorate Chinese new year, a feast of a special kind is an order. This is to mark a sense of renewal and celebration, and promise to do better in whatever the task may be at hand.

In Chinese culture, there is no bigger festival to speak of than this momentous occasion. As a child I remember the excitement when it was time to literally sweep out the old to make room for fresh and new things. We’d clean our rooms and help in the kitchen to prepare for the week of culinary delights. To this day I incorporate this value, and it helps me clear my head and set out new goals to achieve for the coming year. And whatever the project I undertake, I make sure there’s always good food and wine to celebrate the old and the new!

In good old fashioned Chinese tradition, a feast of delicious food is customary and a full belly denotes abundance and optimism for the year ahead.  We have a host of dishes to choose from on the menu and in addition to that, the Chef’s special for Chinese new year will be the Longevity Noodles.

So come in to avail of some good luck! The Year of the Rat begins 25th January 2020.

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