Christmas to me is more about family and rejuvenation. At Naturally Chinese, our staff is like family too. Our celebration kicks off this weekend with a staff party that was a wonderful gathering to appreciate a good 2019 and that after a long journey of putting together a reliable team, our staff have delivered and we are very thankful for this. 

Simple, elegant and fulfilling just as our aim for 2020 is – to provide great food with great service, giving our customers a happy dinning experience. We also thank all our patrons who have been frequenting us for the last three and a half years since we commenced. We’ve learnt much and improved because of your valuable feedback and support.

Christmas being a special time, we are very appreciative of our staff who have been loyal and with us for the adventure. We decided to take a few days off and give everyone on the team and ourselves some time to rest and rejuvenate for 2020’s the year of accomplishment. We hope that these few days of Christmas will bring you rest to recharge to achieve your dreams for 2020. Naturally Chinese will close on Monday, the 23rd of December and re-open on the 27th of December for the lead up to New Years’ Eve so we will look forward to seeing you then.