In the middle of Summer, when the days are long and the weather leaves you feeling energised to do more, the concept of light dining is appealing. Small plates in a tapas style can be enjoyed either by yourself or in the company of many. 

One of our popular mouth watering bites is Ribs in Capital Sauce –a dish of spare ribs in a fruity plum sauce. This Cantonese style of cooking ribs is very popular and you can find ribs in honey sauce, ribs in capital sauce, and pan fried ribs in the Appetizers section of the menu. Spare ribs and ribs in honey sauce can also be found in the gluten free menu. 

Or perhaps a treat of our smoked beechwood chicken that is cooked to perfection, and you can taste it in every morsel. There’s also deep fried soft shell crab or deep fried squid. Both pack a punch of spice and crispiness. This is an all time favourite! 

The next time you dine with us, and you’re not sure what to order, try a tapas of sorts. We have various small plates that can leave you just as fulfilled and may open your experience of Chinese dining and cuisine in a way you hadn’t before. How about a plate of smoked beechwood chicken and a beer on a hot midsummer’s evening?