Midsummer days are here where the air is balmy, slightly cooler after the heat wave we’ve just had. And it is this month where we get to make good Summer moments count. Gone are the days where one cooks a large meal at lunch time. These days, a plate of a quick bite of something nutritional and delicious does the trick in the midst of busy work afternoons.

This is why we introduced our special lunch platters –ones you can take TO GO, or you can enjoy in the comfort of the surroundings of Naturally Chinese Restaurant. Most of us do get quite peckish in the afternoon but the idea is to feed ourselves without overloading our tummies with carbs. This is to avoid the post noon slump of lethargy. So here are a few choices you might want to consider at Naturally Chinese:

Try a steamy bowl of soup. We have a choice of roast duck noodle, beaf brisket noodle or won ton soup in our lunch platter selection. Soups are great because of the extra hydration they provide in addition to the nutrients. 

Also, a platter of braised tofu and mixed vegetable noodles (broccoli, pak choy, baby corn, chinese leaves, carrots, water chestnuts, black fungus, chinese mushrooms, straw mushrooms, fried tofu and bamboo shoots) in gravy on crispy wheat noodles. This is a super food super packed with healthy veggies. You could even skip dinner.

Amongst our rice dishes; the fried rice foojian style (egg fried rice topped with asparagus, chinese mushrooms, minced prawns, squid and scallops in gravy) is a fantastic choice for a lunch bowl platter. We also serve a crispy belly pork and a mixed roast rice platter. 

The best choice for the afternoon is something light and fortifying. One that helps you perform and get through the rest of your day. Take a break for a spot of lunch at Naturally Chinese 6 days a week (Weds-Mon).