Steaming the sea bass and finishing it off with zesty ginger and spring onions keeps it true to it’s Cantonese style. These ingredients are there to reaffirm the delicate flavour of the fish. At Naturally Chinese, the sea bass is a popular dish on our menu all year round. What makes it worth the experience is the freshness of the fish. The chef has to make sure it is never over cooked as the soft fleshiness is key to its success.

The sizzling hot fish that comes out of the steamer strewn with sticks of ginger and spring onions is best enjoyed with our range of white wines. And though this is a dish that can be easily cooked at home, the delight comes from having it served to you fresh off the steamer.A touch of garnish such as coriander brings a feeling into play, one of freshness — wondering even where the fish might come from. It brings a connection and a true appreciation for the dish. 

At an informal Chinese family gathering; the fish is placed in the middle of the table where everyone shares from the big dish. At a more formal setting or at a restaurant, the  waiter will carve out the best bits and serve it to you with the garnish and juices. Try this the next time you are in to treat yourself.