This month has been a good one, with a host of events and new ideas buzzing. Surbiton Food Festival was a success! Our dim sum making demo with Chef David Chang was filled with eager learners, and some enthused pairs of hands to learn a new skill. For those of you who expressed an interest in taking a class in Dim Sum Making, we will be looking into hosting some exciting dim sum events in the coming months. Hopefully, we will get our steller chef to conduct a special dim sum making class for the Summer.

With our Dim Sum Heights promo still on till the end of June — visit us during the weekdays and enjoy the delights of some of the best dim sum in London. Dainty bite sized morcels with gluten free choices –accompany these with a sparkling chilled glass of Rosé or Pinot Grigio, and you’ll experience the essence of Summer dining. We provide a great place for parents to meet up, mums to lunch at, and kids to spend time with school friends. Make a convenient stop for lunch before or after heading to the playground at Victoria Park (which is just round the corner from us).

Celebrating a birthday this Summer? No matter how big or small your party may be, we have a range of tantalising dishes on the menu that will impress you and your guests. 

And for Father’s Day plans coming up in a few weeks….on June 16th, 2019

Looking forward to that Delectable Peking Duck dinner with dad? Our chefs will be prepping for the event. Please note that Peking Duck requests requires three days notice. The process of cooking this Chinese delicacy requires time and patience, but the outcome is most divine. For an early reservation for Father’s Day, call us on 020 8399 5533 or email us at