Summer will soon be upon us, and our team of chefs at Naturally Chinese are gearing up to bring you some exciting twists on some of your favourite delights. What brings to mind this season is the sharing table comprising of delectable morsels of food that can be enjoyed by all. Everyone gets to taste everything, and isn’t sharing more fulfilling anyway? So try some verdant dumplings, puff pastries or turnip cakes. Perhaps some custard buns or char shiu bao. All our food colourings and flavourings are natural. And some of them even come gluten free. 

If you’re new in London, or visiting from out of town, we have the perfect Summer experience for you. Looking for food that is comforting and wholesome? We have you covered. Our dim sum has a light and organic taste, one that you might not have had before. Some of our dim sum have been created by our pastry chef  that are unique, with a fusion of traditional and modern; and special to Naturally Chinese Restaurant.

So make it a grand affair this season of Summer. Gather your friends, family or co workers and come treat yourselves to a sharing table that brings everyone together through great food. For reservations, call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at


Have a happy Summer!