We’ve made it to year number seven, and proud to be still going strong and steady. It’s been an experience in learning and continues as our goal is to keep evolving with the times and adapting our service to better suit the needs of our patrons and customers.

Still continuing with the blog and monthly newsletters talking about our activities and events have given us a means of being in touch with you better. For our regulars who have stuck by us from the beginning, we are truly grateful for your support and enthusiasm. We’re looking forward to another year of serving great food and adding our little bit to the community.

The vision of serving food to all kinds of preferences resulted in one of our best developments – that of creating a gluten-free Chinese food menu. We have to thank all of you for the feedback you gave us. It made us research and bring to you a menu that we are very proud to offer.

We really want to say a big thank you to all our loyal patrons who’ve been our regulars from the start. It’s always a pleasure to see you and a reassurance to know that after all this time, you still enjoy the food. We strive to deliver top quality cuisine, additive free and gluten free — not wanting anyone to feel left out for what we have to offer.


Happy Birthday Naturally Chinese Restaurant!