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Monthly Archives: April 2019


Dim Sum Heights


Following on from our earlier post about new introductions to our menu and some new tasting experiences to discover; our dim sum chef has created a special tasting creation for the month of May to reflect the celebrations of our very own Surbiton Food Festival 2019. The festival evokes the unity of diverse cuisines to be celebrated and rediscovered amongst our neighbours. This year, we at Naturally Chinese bring you Dim Sum Heights. Our chef has put together a tower of dim sum delights combining some traditional and some modern elements. The taster will have buns, dumplings and a couple of [...]

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The taste of Spring


A typical Chinese restaurant serving dim sum on the weekend is a scene of the bustle of energy created from coming together over little morsels of beautifully crafted foods. The art of eating dim sum lies in sharing and sampling those delectable delights. It will always taste better when shared and depending on the occasion, Prosecco or wine can make an interesting combination with it. If you prefer --a hot pot of jasmine tea makes the experience holistic. Our chefs have also devised an experience of dim sum that is gluten free. Our pastry chef creates fine rice pastry beauties like our [...]

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Spring Galore


In keeping with Easter season celebrations, here are some of our favourites from the kitchen at Naturally Chinese. Some of our delectable tender meats featured this month are the sizzling lamb, mandarin steak and honey barbecued fillet of pork. We also feature our Rotisserie platter which comes with the fillet of pork. If you and your party are meat lovers, we can design a roast of delectable meats to savour the celebration. Not forgetting fine wines to pair with the feast. These precious days of sunshine are coveted. And though they flit between the thick clouds even in what is supposed to [...]

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Pork Belly Clay Pot


The beauty of claypot cooking is the holding of moisture without over cooking or burning the food. It is one of the most elegant gourmet dishes and can be enjoyed over lunch or dinner. Choose a claypot the next time you dine in with us. Pair it with our house wine and you will see the subtleties in the tastes and aromas. For those who enjoy a hearty bit of pork, this Chinese braised pork belly concoction is worthy of a meal for one, not on account of the portion, but because after one bite, you will want this steamy hot [...]

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Happy 7th Anniversary


We've made it to year number seven, and proud to be still going strong and steady. It’s been an experience in learning and continues as our goal is to keep evolving with the times and adapting our service to better suit the needs of our patrons and customers. Still continuing with the blog and monthly newsletters talking about our activities and events have given us a means of being in touch with you better. For our regulars who have stuck by us from the beginning, we are truly grateful for your support and enthusiasm. We’re looking forward to another year of serving [...]

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