The value for healthy, natural and unprocessed food to me, is one of the greater things to offer. It’s a struggle in today’s world as there are various factors that make it difficult to sustain. But therein lies the desire even more so, to see the success of bringing good food and nutrition to the community. Going against the current is a hard thing but is not an option when you feel passionately about something and you just have to do it. There is great scope in the healing value of food and bringing it to the community.

The care that goes into food preparation affects the food we eat. At a restaurant, you know the feeling when a dish is being served to you with diligence and care. The presentation, smell, taste, texture –the entire experience should add benefit to your overall mood and leave you feeling hopefully, in an elevated state.

At the end of the day, a plan of contributing to create balance, a healthy environment and non conflict. What is important in our daily lives is natural, untampered food. It affects our well being, our moods, our attitude to the world. Re-educating ourselves about food can make a huge difference in our lives. I’ve realised that going back to basics and keeping things simple yet fresh brings much happiness and that is my philosophy to live by.