From a range of delicious preparations of steak, one of the most popular in Chinese cuisine is the Sautéed fillet in mandarin sauce. The complexity and simple elegance of this dish encompasses the sweet, sour and crispy. The orange marinade is the key to getting the steak tender and juicy giving it an added burst of citrus. This is an excellent complement to any beef dish. There is also fresh garlic that balances the citrus. And, the onions are caramelised to bring good balance of crunch and sweet.

This fillet of steak cooked in a robust Mandarin sauce has become one of our signature dishes.  It’s not just a fillet steak and onions dish, it’s coated in much more and is succulently revealed one bite at a time.  At Naturally Chinese you will see and hear this dish sizzle as it is cooked fresh from the kitchen to your table, and infusing the air with the bursting aroma of orange. The consistency is in its juicy bite with the caramelised onions, making it naturally delicious and special to Naturally Chinese.

Here’s our pairing suggestion:  Enjoy your steak with our Merlot or Rioja — Either of these will bring out the intense flavours of the dish. If you’d prefer a less rich feel, then choose to pair your steak with a Pinot Grigio  — a light wine that brings a cooling and refreshing effect to the heartiness of the fillet.