Here a preview of our Chinese new year specials this coming February. We commence our celebrations 5th of February until the 10th of February. The 5th of February brings upon the new year of the Pig, a year of fortune and luck. The yin energy of the Pig brings about a sense of playfulness, energy and enthusiasm. Whether you need to mend fences or work on self improvement, this year should be the one to take action.

Come partake in this auspicious event, with great culture, chance for new beginnings and mouth watering dishes to tantalise you!


Chinese New Year Specials 2019

平步青雲 – ordinary to outstanding

Chicken stir fried with celery, black fungus and carrots £8.80 (GF)


大展鸿圖 – The future is bright

Baked longivity noodles (egg noodles baked in chicken broth) £8.80


八宝荷葉飯 Auspicious 8

Steamed lotus leaf rice (mix of 8 ingredients of meats & seafood) £8.80


We will also have the Chef’s specials that cannot be missed this Spring festival of the Chinese new year:


Chinese New Year Chef Specials


步步高陞 – step by step rising to the top

Pan fried New Year pudding £3.90 (3 slices)/ Whole box £8.80 (GF)


有机因冬瓜蚧肉粟米湯 – Organic winter melon with crabmeat & sweet corn soup (GF)

min for 2 people £9.90

And of course the celebration would not be complete without the plucking of the little red envelope of the money tree. Wealth and prosperity is to be bestowed on to the one who picks from the money tree.  The saying goes that money will be in abundance for them just like leaves on a tree.

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