Happy new year to all! It may have gotten colder as Winter sets in but with 2019 already gaining momentum, we’re clearing out the old and diving into the new. It’s one of the most positive times of the year. Some get inspired by a new look, a change, a resolution, or just simply getting rid of the old energy attached to things that have no purpose. Whatever the desire is to make a change, it’s a positive thing, so go with it!

Here at Naturally Chinese, we too have some changes that we’re looking forward to. 2018 was a good year but we feel 2019 will be even better. First up, we’re excited to host our charity dinner, the proceeds of which will be given to some of the poorest families in northern Vietnam. The dinner will feature a 15 course tasting menu that will focus on some delectable dim sum dishes. 

Tickets will include a welcome drink and a glass of wine with the meal. All profits will be donated to the charity. You will also get to see updates of how money raised in past events have touched the lives of so many families.

You can buy tickets through EventBrite here

You can also buy tickets directly from us (free of admin charge) by emailing us at hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk

Please also follow our Charity page for more information on new developments.


Also, for the first time, we will be introducing our Chef”s specials in the coming months. Each month will highlight a dish/ dishes that complement the season. Look out for more information on those in our newsletter and posts. 

Chinese new year is also coming soon — February 5th, 2019. We will have more details on the festivities for that in the coming weeks. With that we have loads of exciting events and culinary temptations we aim to unfold in the coming year, so stay tuned! And once again, we want to wish all our patrons and loyal customers a very happy new year!

Looking forward to serving you.