With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and feeling like the shorter days leave less time to get things done, it’s important to still make time for oneself. A little luxury and pampering at Christmas is more than acceptable. I’ve had to work harder at making time for that little luxury – to make my Christmas sparkle, whether it be going to dinner with a friend, or creating a flower arrangement for my mother, maybe even just enjoying a hot chocolate during a work break. Appreciating those treasured moments does make the small things feel like a luxury.

We want to make christmas special for you. We want to create a space that sets a tone of cosiness and warmth. At Naturally Chinese we want you to feel replenished when there is much to do for the family during the holidays. And thereby, take home some of that Christmas magic. In our style of simplicity and healing, we look forward to offer you that spirit of good cheer and happiness – the kind that will hopefully leave you with good moments to cherish. Enjoy our Christmas specials this December 2018:

Organic winter melon with crabmeat and sweet corn soup.

Christmas Dim Sum platter – spicy crabmeat and pumpkin dumplings, spinach and cheese dumplings, prawn dumplings & mushroom dumplings.

Fresh steamed scallops with glass noodles.

Lamb shanks stewed in five spice sauce.

Pan fried seabass with pine nuts.


We wish you sparkle and happiness this season.