It had been a few years ago when we had received a letter from a lady in Hanoi asking us for some help for a humanitarian cause, to help some of the poorest families living in Northern Vietnam. At the time, we had sent money and some supplies as a way of helping her out. We quickly became aware that she was gathering up resources working tirelessly to help alleviate some of the problems of these very poor families in the Northern districts. This struck a cord with us. You may wonder why a Chinese establishment such as ourselves would be keen to support a Vietnamese charitable organization. This is because our roots are Vietnamese and we hold a strong bond with them.

We came to England when we were little fleeing from Vietnam at a time when things were turbulent in the political environment. We feel very grateful that the UK gave us opportunities to succeed and grow. And it was a promise that we made, that when we got to a point of success, that we would help those who needed a hand and make them self sufficient, just like we were given and taught to become.

It’s for this reason, we started the Quê Charity. “Quê” means one’s birthplace. It is a part of us and it will always serve us well if we do the same. Some of you might remember in May 2015, we hosted a successful charity dinner and raised money that helped many of the needy families in Vietnam. This picture you see above was taken at the Ha Son Binh village in Vietnam on our trip there. We wanted to see for ourselves the gravity of the situation and personally wanted to hand supplies and money to some of the people who needed help. There is still so much that needs to be done, so much that we can do. So many of you have been very generous and have given us resources to take to these families.

This year, we will be undertaking the task of raising more money to send to the families. A little goes a long way for these families. It might be putting a roof on someone’s house, or buying a family a few chickens so they can take care of it and may use its eggs for food. Or buying socks and shoes for children who need to walk for miles to a village school in the cold of winter. 

We would be delighted for you to attend our evening of a 15 course tasting menu prepared by guest chef David Chan. Chef David Chan will be presenting some of his unique dim sum creations he has acquired in his experience working at some of the finest restaurants in the UK and internationally. All proceeds of the evening will go directly towards the Quê Charity in Vietnam.

Save the date and we hope you can make it on November 29th at 7pm at Naturally Chinese Restaurant.


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See you there.