We’ve felt the sudden change in the air. It’s colder, the light is different and the leaves are at their peak of gold. Autumn is perhaps the best season according to most. While Summer is celebratory in a way that we want to head to the beach and BBQ, and let our hair down, Autumn has a way of bringing friends and family together. It has a way of making us curl up to watch a movie with a hot soup or cup of cocoa. It holds great excitement as a prelude to Christmas, and the holidays with family.

Here are a few things I love to do in Autumn and to me presents the best way to enjoy the season. We’ve been graced this year with a marvelous run of Summer, and the change in season to Autumn is a delight to welcome. Here are a few tips on enjoying your Autumn:

  • Head down to your local park for a daily brisk walk if you can. If possible, try not to take your mobile phone with you, and just keep this time as “me time”, and time to observe nature’s beauty. This will have a positive effect on our well being.
  • After a long day’s work, getting home when it’s dark can be a little dreary, so prepare a warm drink to wind down when you get home. You can then feel refreshed to begin your evening and make the most of it.
  • Plan an Autumn eating plan. There are some delicious fruits and vegetables this season and plan to make the most of them. Be sure to include them on your shopping list.
  • Make a date to meet with friends over lunch or dinner mid to end of November. It’s much less crowded as the bustle of Christmas will not have quite started yet.

We at Naturally Chinese look forward to planning your Autumn gatherings with you. Our function room is available for party hires, and other team building corporate events. For more details, please call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk

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