Whether it’s a cold windy evening or a sweltering summer’s day, the taste and comfort of a crispy cream bun from our menu makes for a signature dessert. I often have this as an instant pick-me-up after a hectic day, pairing it with a heart warming cup of coffee or tea. 

In times past, going back to the days of the silk route where tea houses would serve yum cha to its travelers, the delight of little morcels accompanying a cup of tea would provide replenishment and a sense of satisfaction for the long road ahead. Thereby a tradition of dim sum began where delicate bites of food were intended to rejuvenate and touch the heart.  A mix of sweets and savouries of dim sum was to bring one on a sense of discovery and inspiration. 

At Naturally Chinese, in addition to our array of Dim sum, the sweet buns (crispy or just steamed) have a part to play in that they bring the experience to a perfect ending. They’re not too sweet, but just right with a creamy texture and a dollop of vanilla custard that brings warmth and comfort akin to a sense of home goodness.  The aesthetic and art to enjoying this signature piece of dim sum is to pair it with tea, coffee or even a coffee liqueur!