Claypots form one of the main dishes in Chinese Cuisine. Many countries around the world use a form of claypot — a pot that infuses a slow heat to cook food in a delicate way. There is a comfort factor that exists in the art of the claypot. Perhaps it’s the earthiness and non steely quality that brings it to the dish. At Naturally Chinese, claypots add to the aesthetic of authentic and clean tasting dishes we have to offer. Being served a pork belly, chicken or aubergine recipe in one of the claypots brings a warmth and a true sense of our cooking origins.

The art of the claypot is a great way to share dishes at the table. And sharing is an important component of Chinese social dining.

Here are some of our favourite claypots:

-Japanese silken tofu and seafood, decked with enoki mushrooms.

-Stewed Beef Brisket

-Chicken Thighs

-Braised aubergines

-Stewed Belly pork

The beauty of claypot cooking is the holding of moisture without over cooking or burning the food. It is one of the most elegant gourmet dishes and can be enjoyed over lunch or dinner. Choose a claypot the next time you dine in with us. Pair it with our house wine and you will see the subtleties in the tastes and aromas. In a traditional chicken claypot dish, the ingredients are layered for aroma and taste. The rice sits at the bottom and the chicken and vegetables lay on top. The juices steep into the rice and the steam distributes the moisture evenly within the pot. Utterly delicious!!